Playing teen patti online is a new phenomenon and is one of the most downloaded casino apps in the Indian Google App store. The history of teen patti, or 3 patti, didn’t start in the Google Play Store. It is a game you most likely already have played with friends and family since you were young.

As much in life, it starts with joy but gradually advances towards seriousness. Right now, teen patti is going through a transition from being an in-app purchase game to becoming a fully-fledged casino game for real money. It is becoming a modern way of earning money from home.

Play teen patti with money is not the same as playing it with credits you buy inside an app. The complexity, both from a users point of view and technical, in real money games is much higher. The game is played directly through your browser and a whole cobweb of the technology enables you to enjoy the game in 1080 HD resolution.

Read, Play & Win

Since the complexity is higher it requires more of you as a player to make sure your cash investment grows. It requires you to read up carefully before you play.

TP-Games, or Teen Patti Games, was created to provide the best source of information about teen patti. The content on our site is purely educational to give you leverage when playing teen patti. Knowing the basic rules for the game is not enough if you want your money to grow.

Our content services:

  • Rules & strategies
  • Reviews of the best teen patti gambling sites
  • Reviews of teen patti in-purchase apps
  • Which teen patti variation is best to make money

Play Responsibly

You must understand that playing for money involves certain risks. Loosing goes much faster than winning and you can easily get caught up in time while playing. You might try to chase your losses and borrow money from friends and family to make up for what you have lost.

There are no guarantees that you will win in this game. Maybe you have heard the term “the house always win” which is true in teen patti. You must know how to set limits for your self and when to stop playing.


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