How to Play Teen Patti with Bitcoin

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Published: 12/06/2021

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Reviews of the best Indian 3 patti bitcoin sites

Bitcoin is offered across more and more online gambling sites as years go by. It is the first-ever cryptocurrency in the world, which has revolutionized traditional online banking, and card games like teen patti.

When casinos started offering it, not much was known about it. But today, there are detailed instructions on how to get started with the digital currency and use it across online casinos. 

In recent years, teen patti games developers have started designing their games to be playable with Bitcoin. Combined with the operators that already offered the crypto, things got much easier for players. 

That’s why you now have access to the very best casinos that offer 3 patti and allow Bitcoin transactions. Just explore the list of reviews below, and you’ll find some operators which can provide you with that. 

Best Bitcoin Casinos


Up to ₹90,000 bonus

  • Fast payouts
  • Many teen patti games
  • EN, HI, BN, KN & TE Customer Support
  • Sports betting & casino games


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How to Get Started with Bitcoin

In the past, when it was first launched, people could only obtain Bitcoin by mining. This was a process that used to cost a lot and drained users’ pockets and energy. 

With time, though, the cryptocurrency evolved, and today, you can purchase it with fiat currencies or receive it from a friend/relative. 

Create a wallet

The first thing you have to do to get started with it is to create a wallet where you’ll keep your coins. Paper, desktop, mobile, hardware and eWallets are the types of wallets you can choose from. 

The most convenient for easy and effortless online casino deposits would be the eWallet or the mobile wallet. As soon as you create your wallet profile, it’s time to purchase some coins. 

You can do that across exchange platforms, such as Bitstamp, Coinbase or WazirX, using fiat currency, or you can have some friend/relative send some coins to your public key/address. 

Buying coins

On that note, when requesting to receive coins or buy some, you’ll see that on your wallet, there’s an alphanumerical string. This is your address, password, the key to your wallet. You’ll need to provide it to your friend/relative or the exchange platform in order to instantly receive your coins.

How to Use Bitcoin to Play Teen Patti Across Online Casinos?

Teen patti chips and mobile phone

As long as your wallet is ready and funded with coins, you can start depositing at online casinos with Bitcoin and then play your favourite teen patti variants with it. 

Just find an online casino that accepts Bitcoin, click on its Sign Up/Join Us button, and register your account. 

Upon registration, the casino may ask you to choose your default deposit method. If not, do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Banking/Cashier page. 
  2. From the list of offered methods, select Bitcoin. 
  3. In the new window, you’ll find the casino’s public key/address.
  4. Copy it. 
  5. In the new window, log into your Bitcoin wallet and copy the casino’s key.
  6. Specify how much you wish to deposit.
  7. Confirm the transaction. 
  8. Watch the coins arrive on your online casino balance in an instant. 

The basic game rules of teen patti applies in bitcoin games as well.

Available games

Differences between teen patti live and animated

There aren’t too many casinos offering bitcoin today, so the availability of games isn’t as big as for normal online casinos. The software developers of teen patti games are the same , which means the current games are available today:

EzugiTeen Patti Live (recommended)Live/human dealer
EzugiBet on Teen PattiLive/human dealer
EzugiOne Day Teen PattiLive/human dealer
Super Spade GamesTeen Patti 20-20Live/human dealer
Super Spade GamesLive Teen PattiLive/human dealer
MplayTeen Patti ExpressAnimated/2D
MplayTeen Patti ExpressAnimated/2D
WooHooTeen Patti ProAnimated/2D
WooHooTeen Patti ChampionAnimated/2D

Live games

We recommend playing live teen patti games from Ezugi. Their graphics are the best, sexiest croupiers and best video stream quality. Super Spade Games is OK, but their dealers are usually quite tired and there’s a lot of background noise when playing their games. The quality feels subpar.

Animated games

If you are a novice to teen patti we recommend the animated games from Mplay or WooHoo. Both these software developers focus on producing games for beginners. Therefore the gameplay is much slower, smaller bets and there is no time limit of placing your bet.

Withdrawing your winnings

Withdrawing bitcoin from a teen patti site

Assuming you’ve used your coins to play teen patti online, and you’ve won, you’d probably like to cash out your winnings. You can also do that using Bitcoin. 

You’d have to go through a similar procedure as the one described for depositing. The only difference would be that you would need to log into your wallet, click on the Receive button and copy your key. 

Then, go back to your online casino, request a Withdrawal by specifying how much you wish to cash out and entering your copied key. As soon as the casino checks your request and approves it, it will send your withdrawal. 

Instant deposits & withdrawals

Withdrawals, just like deposits, are instant. But, double-check whether you’ve entered the right key when providing it to the casino since transactions with Bitcoin are irreversible. 

So if you’ve entered the wrong address, your withdrawal will never reach your wallet.  

Choosing a Bitcoin Casino for Teen Patti

“Normal” online casinos

The casinos listed on this page are “normal” online casinos. They accept both crypto payments and FIAT money. These casinos are licensed by reputable authorities such as Malta or Curacao and are fully secure.

On normal online casinos, you’ll find all the popular versions of teen patti from renowned software developers like Ezugi, Super Spade Gaming and more. Here, the gaming experience is in focus and the games are both for beginners and advanced gamblers.

The only casinos we can recommend in India featuring bitcoin bets on teen patti is 10CRIC or Pure Win.

Crypto casinos

There are also so-called “Crypto casinos” which are built on the blockchain. While these casinos are using the latest technology, they usually don’t adhere to casino licenses. The games you find here are developed by indie teen patti developers within the crypto sphere.

The gaming experience on these websites is not as rich as on normal casinos. Here, there is a wide range of new online casino games, except for teen patti. Since they are using blockchain technology you can find many different 3patti real money games, however, the quality of these games are usually not so good.


Layout of the Teen Patti Gold player table

You can also play teen patti with bitcoin through different apps which you download. These apps only have 1 teen patti game and the gaming experience is focused towards multiplayer.

However, once you deposit bitcoin to an app the money is converted into in-game coins. These coins can not be converted back into bitcoins or FIAT. Since you play with “fake money” the app developers can circumvent the requirements for a gambling license.

TP-Games do not recommend playing at apps.

What Else Is There to Know About Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was launched back in 2008, by a group of people or a person calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto (the identity remains anonymous to this day). 

The creator(s) wanted to decentralize online banking as people knew it, and design a currency that only exists in a digital form, is not being monitored by the authorities and works on a peer-to-peer principle, independent of banks and third-party financial institutions. 

As such, with no one to oversee the transactions, it was previously considered dangerous, and rumours were that it was being used on the black market, for underground, illegal transactions. 

But, with time, as people saw its potential, it became popular. Forward-thinking users helped it grow, and thanks to its underlying blockchain technology and the ledger, it eventually got a steadier reputation for itself. 

Popular for online gambling

Today, Bitcoin is used by millions of people, all across the world, since there are no limits or boundaries for its usage. Even though its value keeps on fluctuating and transactions with it are irreversible, it is still the primary choice for online payments for many users, especially online casino players. 

It is popular across online casinos and among teen patti players, as it allows for instant, fee-free and convenient transactions. So don’t wait and sign up at a teen patti gambling site listed here!

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