Teen Patti Rules

Everyone knows that teen patti is a super popular Indian pastime. It has been well established in the country for more than two hundred years and frequently gets enjoyed during Diwali. However, not all Indians know how to play this gambling card game based on brag and influenced by poker.

If you want to learn its rules, read on. TP-Games does its best to explain the card sequences, best hands, and highest cards in teen patti below. Our guide should get you ready for both social and real money games.

How to Play Teen Patti

Teen patti gets played with a standard 52-card deck, and most often with three to six players. 

The start

Similar to rummy and poker, a round here begins with an ante teen patti bet. That is a minimum fixed amount that must get placed before the hands get dealt. Those boot/ante amounts go into a pot, and everyone gets their teen patti hands face down. A teen patti hand has three cards.

How to win

The objective is to win the pot by being the player with the best teen patti sequence or the only one who has not folded/quit. 

In the game, you can call or play without raising your bet or add more money to the pot in hopes of a big win in that teen patti round.

As the round progresses, the pot grows. Per the 3 patti rules, the player with the best hand, according to the teen patti hierarchy, wins.

Those are the basics on how to play teen patti.

Teen Patti Betting

The player left to the dealer starts the betting process.  The teen patti order of wagering then continues clockwise.

Seen or blind

Once everyone gets their hands, you can choose to play blind or seen. The first means that you will wager without looking at your cards. 

If you start blind, you can choose to look at your cards as the round develops. That will make you a seen player. These titles affect betting limits.

If you are the first player to bet and are blind, your opening wager must be equal to the agreed-on minimum boot/ante amount. Your maximum bet is double that sum. Once a blind player makes a bet, that becomes the new minimum.

Seen players must bet double the current stake at minimum, and four times the current stake at maximum, to stay in the round.

If you do not wish to stay in the round, you can fold.


Betting goes on until there are two players left. Once this happens, if both players have seen their cards, either one can call for a show. The cost for this is the current stake. A show means that the last two players turn their cards over, and the one with the better 3 patti sequence wins.

If one of the last two players is blind, a seen player cannot demand a show.  

Ranking of Hands

The teen patti rankings are similar to those of poker. The difference is that a teen patti combination has three cards instead of poker’s five. There are some slight deviations of the rankings depending on whether you play in a multiplayer app with credits, or offline with your friends.

Let us look at a 3 patti sequence list below which applies to the standard version (95% of all games):

Teen Patti Sequence Guide

The teen patti order of sequences from highest to lowest is as follows:

  • Trail – three cards of the same rank. Twos are the worst, and aces are the best. 
  • Pure – three cards sorted by rank in the same suit. In poker, this is a straight flush. 
  • Sequence/Run – three cards in a row that are not of the same suit.
  • Color – three cards in the same suit, but not sorted by rank. 
  • Pair – two cards of the same rank in your 3 patti combination. 
  • High card – this is a hand that does not fall in any of the teen patti combinations above. It contains mix cards. In such a case, the hand with the highest card in the round wins. Naturally, the biggest card in 3 patti is the ace. If two players have the same high card, the second-highest card in their 3 patti series determines the winner.

To recap. A trail is the highest sequence in 3 patti, and the worst-case scenario is having to rely on a high card.

If two players have the same type of sequence, the winner gets determined by the overall strength of their cards. For example, a pair of kings beat a pair of twos.

Rules Variations

Multiple variations of this game exist. In each one, the rules of teen patti are slightly different, mainly in card/hand rankings.

Whats good to know is that both playing online versions of teen patti and offline versions still use the same basic rules.

The more popular variants are:

  • Muflis – the standard 3 patti rules apply here, but the lowest-ranked hand wins. That means that the regular teen patti hand rankings have gotten flipped upside down in this version.
  • AK47 – in this variant, aces, kings, fours, and sevens count as jokers. These have the same role as wild symbols in slot games. In the regular game, there are no teen patti jokers. All joker cards get removed from the deck before hands get dealt.
  • 999 – here, the hand closest to 999 wins. The 3 patti rankings in 999 are unique because jacks, queens, kings, and tens are zeros in this variant, while aces count as ones. If you have a six, eight, and jack in your hand, your total is 68. If you have a five, nine, and ace, your total is 591. The players whose card total is the closest to 999 wins the round. 
  • Three-card poker – this casino poker game is very similar to teen patti. The main difference between the two is that it provides side-bet options. Some sites even offer a wager linked to a progressive jackpot prize.

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Now that you know the teen patti rules and all the card sequences, you can test your luck and play teen patti for cash. It cannot get more exciting to place a bet with real money and win!