10 Variations of Teen Patti

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Published: 12/06/2021

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Teen patti

The 10 Most Popular Versions of Teen Patti

The traditional teen patti played in India has many different variations today. Even though there are so many of them, we’ll focus on the top 10 variations of teen patti.  

The following variations are easy to play, as long as you know the basic teen patti rules. Assuming you do, you will see that these variants will be profitable. With no further ado, let’s take a look at them.


This is the variant that is the closest to the standard teen patti game in terms of rules, but there’s a significant difference in the ranking of the hands. In fact, the ranking is reversed.

Contrary to the regular teen patti game, the best hand (trio) is the worst hand in Mufliss, while the worst hand (the high card) is the best hand! It may sound complicated, but it actually isn’t.

For instance, if you have an A-A-A hand, and the other player has 4-6-8, meaning a high card 8, in traditional teen patti, you would be the winner, but in this variant, the other player is.

If there was a tie, meaning you both had the same hand, the one with the lowest card would have won.


As implied by its name, in this variant, you need to aim to get as closest to the number 999 as you can get. Irrelevant of the card suit, all that matters here is which cards you’re holding, and the number of the face cards you have.

Each face card counts differently:

●   A counts as 1

●   The numbers from 2 to 9 count as their pip value

●   10, J, Q and K count as 0

If you get a hand of 8-5-K, your number is 850, but if you get a hand of 9-2-K, your number is 920. The best part? You can rearrange the order of the cards to get closer to 999, like in the latter example.

Discard One

This is the simplest variant of the regular teen patti game. The same rules apply, but there’s a difference in the card dealing.

The dealer, instead of dealing three cards, deals four. You and all of the other players look at your cards and discard the fourth card, the one you believe is unnecessary for you.

Pack Jack

Here, the dealer deals three cards to each player and places three joker cards on the table, known as wild cards. When a player folds (packs), their cards become the new wild cards.

These new joker cards replace the previous joker cards and are placed on the table. The same happens when another player packs.

King Little

This is the most interesting variant because all Ks are jokers. Plus, the smallest card you’ve been dealt with, out of the three, becomes the joker, too.

For instance, you’ve been dealt with a K-J-2 in different suits. Since the K and the 2 become joker cards and can have any value, you can easily make a trio by changing the joker cards to Js, and get a J-J-J hand, thanks to the K and the 2.


The Stud variant actually has elements of the Poker Stud variants. Even though the standard rules apply to the variant, when dealt your cards, you’ll get two face-down and one face-up card.

That means that two of your cards will be closed and one will be open. The open one is called a hole card, and the closed ones street cards.

One-Eyed Jack

Similarly to the King Little variant, where some cards become jokers, in the One-Eyed Jack variant, the Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts become jokers.

The Jack of Clubs and Jack of Diamonds are still ordinary cards, but whenever you get Jack of Spades or Jack of Hearts, you can replace them with any card to get the best teen patti hand.

Wild Draw

This is also an interesting variant, involving joker cards. The dealer here deals the three cards to each player, but also draws a random card from the pack and places it face-up on the table.

This face-up card becomes the joker. Now, if the joker card is 5, then you or any other player that holds a 5 can give it any value and suit to that card.


Jokers are a thing in teen patti, aren’t they? AK47 is another variant revolving around jokers. Here, as hinted by its name, the cards A, K, 4 and 7 are the joker cards.

While the remaining rules of the variant are the same as in traditional teen patti, if you have any of the four joker cards, you can substitute them for any suit or missing number you need to form a win.


Also known as Maatha, the Cobra variant is pretty exciting. The dealer deals only one card to each player, but before they do that, they have all placed a certain amount of money in the pot.

Without peeking at their card, and with no option to fold, all players pick up their respective card and place it on their forehead.

This way, they cannot see their own card but they can see the other players’ cards. The highest card wins the game.

Where You Can Play These Variants

As you could see, each of these teen patti variants offers something different, an element of surprise, which spices things up and makes the game more engaging.

Normally, these 10 variants are played among friends and not online. In fact, it is very difficult finding these variants for online play. If you want to play teen patti online and with real money, then you should check out this article which has listed the best 3 patti casinos for real cash.

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