Online Teen Patti in India

Teen patti, or 3 patti, is an Indian classic card game. It is a brag variation with influences from poker. People have enjoyed it throughout South Asia in social settings and gambling halls for more than a century. In the past few years, playing 3 patti from the mobile has also become a hot trend.

Thanks to modern technology, Indians now test their luck on the best teen patti games from home. Mobile credit apps let you compete against software for fun, and gambling sites allow the popular choice of playing teen patti live against a real dealer. The gameplay in both options is the same. 

If you do not know the rules to the original teen patti game, you can read our page on this topic and then practice playing on credit apps. There are many 3 patti variations out there that have slightly different rules. Keep that in mind.



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Different Ways to Play Teen Patti

Teen patti comes in many forms. There are a few ways on how you can enjoy the best 3 patti games online. TP-Games breaks down those and other options below.


Indians often like to play teen patti games around Diwali. Everyone knows that this game has always been a part of Hindu celebrations. That has not changed in modern times, as it is still a popular entertainment alternative for social gatherings. 

With a Google/IOS App

Mobile technology now allows for advanced games to get played on smartphones, making 3 patti apps a big thing. Dozens of such applications are available for download on Google Play and the Apple store. All of them have amazing graphics and smooth gameplay.

They are a form of online 3 patti because they allow multiplayer gameplay, and they connect to a central server that awards you bonus credits. 

For Real Cash

Online casinos and gambling sites are the only options for teen patti action with cash. These teen patti casinos allow you to compete against a dealer located in an HD studio in a 3 patti live game for real money. The experience they provide is identical to playing the game at a real-world gambling house.  

These games yield real money earnings which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Multiplayer with Friends

Mobile apps and game sites allow 3 patti online play with friends. Some of these platforms and apps even let you stream video as you play. That means that you can see and talk to your friends as you look to outsmart them in a teen patti card game session. These games can be downloaded from places like Microsoft Store and played on your Xbox.

Other spellings of teen patti

The game is officially referred to as 3 patti or teen patti. However, when people from the different states in India refers to it, it sometimes comes out something like this:

  • Flash
  • Flush
  • Teenpatti
  • Teenpatthi
  • Indian Poker
  • Tin pati
  • Three card poker

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

When you are choosing an online casino for teen patti you should keep your own skill level in mind. There are casinos which are more geared towards beginners and other towards hard core gamblers. – For first-time teen patti players

PureWin is a good casino for teen patti beginner players. Here, they have several variations of beginner friendly teen patti games. Their support is very responsive and offered in several local languages and English. Making deposits and withdrawals are easy, however, they might not have as many payment options like a hardcore casino. – For the social teen patti player

Casumo is the most social teen patti website. They run daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for different games. Just like PureWin, they have multi language support and around 5 payment options. – For the advanced gambler

10CRIC offers not only a wide range of teen patti games but also sports betting. Advanced gamblers like to switch between betting on sports and playing casino games. 10CRIC also offers several bonuses for sport/casino which you can use to your advantage if you know-how.

Choosing an Online 3 Patti Game

We talked about the different teen patti games online at the start. That there are many variations out there. That does not apply only to the rules of these games but also to how you can play them.

Below we explain how to choose the best 3 patti game for you, one that suits your experience level.

Beginner: Animated

If you are starting with teen patti online play, you should stick to animated teen patti games. That means that you are playing against a computer. This option requires less bandwidth, and the software automatically deals the cards in play.

If you have ever played Andar Bahar, then animated play should fit you perfectly, as in this version, you can bet whether the player or dealer has the highest combination of cards. 

There are no time limits in animated online teen patti games. That means that there is no stress involved. You are free to play at your pace.

Intermediate: Live Teen Patti

Live teen patti is the opposite of animated. When you play against a sexy teen patti dealer, there are other players at the table, and you have to make decisions faster. That helps bring a real casino feeling to the gameplay.

3 patti live games also allow you to place larger bets. You can lose more money playing against a dealer, but you can profit more as well. That is why we list this option as one for intermediate players. It provides the best online teen patti gambling experience but also involves some risk.

Only play teen patti live if you have a good grasp of the rules of the game.

Advanced: Live Teen Patti with Side Bets

A teen patti live casino may offer tables with side bet options. These are games that have the regular teen patti rules with added wagering possibilities. They target experienced players and those who want a bit of variety.

Side bets expand the gameplay, but they can also complicate things for those new to teen patti live tables. 

Best Teen Patti Game

Let’s say you have practised the basics of teen patti and you are ready to place bets on teen patti live.

The best 3 patti game is hands down Ezugi’s Live Teen Patti . The reason is that you play against the most beautiful dealers, have the best graphics and the best quality of the live stream.

Below is a video of what TP-Games considers being the best online version of teen patti which you can invest money in:

Teen Patti Software

Game providers are the companies that supply the animated 3 patti games and the live tables. They pick how their studios look, game interfaces, the rules of the teen patti games they offer if there are any side bets, and so on.

Online casinos are only shopping windows for games. Providers supply their products to multiple operators, so when you play online 3 patti, you connect to the provider’s server to enjoy these titles.  


Ezugi is an Israeli provider that got founded in 2013. Ezugi has nine studios in countries from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Baltics – all of them featuring beautiful men and women dealing cards.. In most players’ eyes, it is the top provider of the best online teen patti games. Its most famous products are teen patti live and bet on teen patti.   

Ezugi is TP-Games’ favourite software provider for online teen patti games.

MPlay Games

MPlay Games is a fast-growing studio that focuses on making animated games for the Asian market. It is responsible for many Indian-specific games such as Andar Bahar, Ludo, and Jhandi Munda.

All of MPlay’s products have colorful graphics and are very playable. On the teen patti side of things, they offer an Express and Champion version. 

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games is a leading international supplier of live tables. It uses superior H5 mobile technology and friendly interfaces for a smooth play-on-the-go experience.

The company has been around since 2016, and they broadcast their games from a studio in Belarus. They began offering live teen patti (in Hindi) in 2019, and that move has proven to be a big success for the company.

However, benchmarking Super Spade Games vs. Ezugi, we choose Ezugi due to the quality of the video stream and the looks of the dealers.

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History of Teen Patti

Deck of cards for teen patti

Teen patti means three cards. It is a card game inspired by a similar English game named three-card brag. Many also consider it a variation of poker, and some also call it flush or a flash wala game.

Brag got invented in the 18th century. Its rules first appeared in a collection named The Compleat Gamester in 1721. It got based on an almost identical game called Post and Pair, which has roots that date back to 1528.

It is unknown exactly when brag made its way over to India. The main speculation is that English soldiers brought it over during the British rule of the Indian subcontinent. Although, some believe that it was European traders that introduced Indians to it.

Over time, the original 3 patti game became a common social pastime. Given that India’s religious festivals call for mass socialization, teen patti slowly became a popular Diwali activity. Many Indians now believe that gambling on Diwali will give them good fortune in the coming year.

Play Responsible

If you have only played credit games, it can be easy to get carried away when playing teen patti for real money. 

Remember that practicing impulse control is a must if you choose to play 3 patti online games at an online casino. You cannot let yourself get too involved in your gameplay. The best way to make sure that you do not overstep your budget is to set deposit/loss limits. You can do this in your teen patti casino account.

Never play with more funds than what you can afford to lose.

If you feel like you cannot stop playing online card games like teen patti for money, it is essential to ask for help. Many organizations provide online advice and one-on-one consultations for free. Contact them and ask for help. Reaching out in time is super-essential.

Online casinos also have a self-exclude option that will stop you from accessing their site for a specific period. Activate it if you do not feel that you can control your urges to play Indian teen patti games for real money.